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Table model of the Taaie Tiller

Experience the Taaie Tiller with your own hands and eyes

Material: birchwood triplex 3mm + brass
Made by lasercutting, laserengraving, and handwork
Dimensions: max 160 x 95 x 115 mm (l-w-h)
Recieve as a present by donating to the Taaie Tiller project.
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Signed Rotterdam-image of the Taaie Tiller

Impression of the future Taaie Tiller in the center of Rotterdam (NL)

Photoprint 20 by 30 cm, shiny/color
Signed by Volkert van der Wijk
Recieve as a present by donating to the Taaie Tiller project.
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Taaie Tiller brochure

Information about the Taaie Tiller project and images collected
The Dutch version can be freely downloaded here.

Title: Methodology for analysis and synthesis of inherently force and moment-balanced mechanisms - theory and applications

Author: Volkert van der Wijk
Year: 2014
Pages: 266 (30 full color)
Language: English (with Dutch summary)
ISBN: 978-90-365-3630-1
Price: € 80,= (including postage)
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The Taaie Tiller is a moving sculpture (kinetic art) driven by windpower and waterpower - go-getter that doesn't know of stopping - drama and delight - swelling excitement and smashing sensation - center of attention



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