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The Taaie Tiller project consists of 4 phases:

- Phase 1: preparatory work Twente University campus version Taaie Tiller (scale 1:6) (completed)

- Phase 2: manufacturing of Twente University campus version  Taaie Tiller (scale 1:6) (completed)

- Phase 3: preparatory work large Taaie Tiller Rotterdam (in progress)

- Phase 4: manufacturing of large Taaie Tiller Rotterdam

At this moment we are in Phase 3. Phases 1 and 2 have been a preamble for phases 3 and 4. Our goal is to have realized and completed the large Taaie Tiller in Rotterdam within 2 years. With the small version of the Taaie Tiller at the Twente University campus the Taaie Tiller can already be experienced in full glory. To finance phases 3 and 4 we are searching for donations and sponsoring from companies and from everyone who wishes to see this large sculpture in real in the near future.


Support the development of the Taaie Tiller

- donate any amount (every euro is helpful!) and you will recieve personal thanks.

- donate 100 euro or more and recieve a signed photo of the Taaie Tiller.

- donate 500 euro or more and recieve a movable Taaie Tiller tablemodel.


For companies

Please contact us for the most wonderful possibilities:


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Donations you can transfer to bankaccount: IBAN: NL42RABO0154479365 of Kinetic Art Sculptures in The Hague (NL). Please send also an email with you name + postaddress +  desired present . After receiving your donation the present will be sent as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for supporting the Taaie Tiller!!!

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The Taaie Tiller is a moving sculpture (kinetic art) driven by windpower and waterpower - go-getter that doesn't know of stopping - drama and delight - swelling excitement and smashing sensation - center of attention



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