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- Tuesday 9 Mei 2017, 19:30-21:00 h: Opening of the Taaie Tiller by Arnoud Odding (Director Rijksmuseum Twenthe) and Studium generale lecture on the Taaie Tiller by Volkert van der Wijk.


19:30  Lecture on the Taaie Tiller by Volkert van der Wijk, founder and maker
20:15  Speech by Arnoud Odding, director Rijksmuseum Twenthe
20:25  Opening action by Arnoud Odding, the artwork starts moving
20:30   Watching the lifting process
21:00  The opening splash


until 20:30h: inside in the Vrijhof, University of Twente, Enschede
after 20:30h: outside at the Taaie Tiller in the water in front of the Vrijhof.

Everyone is welcome/invited, see here for further information and the address (Vrijhof - Amphitheater, De Veldmaat 5, 7522 NM Enschede, NL).



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- Mei 2011   Ontwerp van gebalanceerde bewegende constructies (Design of balanced movable structures) in Dutch technology magazine De Constructeur, pg. 28-32.
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The Taaie Tiller is a moving sculpture (kinetic art) driven by windpower and waterpower - go-getter that doesn't know of stopping - drama and delight - swelling excitement and smashing sensation - center of attention



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Volkert van der Wijk